A how-to guide for designers wanting to create a completely custom and advanced portfolio website with zero coding experience required.


Complete breakdown on how to setup Sketch files ready to design specifically for your Semplice website.


Easy to understand run through of every little feature within Semplice and how to use them.


Sketch templates and resources included with all purchases.


You need them. Right now.
These two tools have brought so much value to me as a designer. Sketch has made my design workflow insanely fast and Semplice has allowed me launch several side projects (just like this one) without any heavy development skills!



1.0 Introducing Sketch
1.1 Setting up Sketch files for Semplice
1.2 Designing your Navigation
1.3 Design the basic layout
1.4 Designing your portfolio grid
1.5 Designing a full screen cover
1.6 Bringing it all together
1.7 Examples

2.0 Introducing Semplice
2.1 Installing WordPress and Semplice
2.2 Adding a Custom Fontset
2.3 Setting up TinyPNG
2.4 Creating your Home Page
2.5 Creating your Navigation
2.6 Setting up your Portfolio
2.7 Adding a Full Screen Cover
2.8 Adding a Footer

3.0 Finishing Touches and Extra Bits
3.1 General Settings: Favicon, Facebook Share, Google Analytics
3.2 Basic and Advanced Styling
3.3 Custom CSS and JS
3.4 Using Dribbble and Instagram Modules

Finishing Up


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